Travel Tips On A Budget

By March 24, 2017TIPS & TRAVEL TRICKS

Don’t Schedule During Peak Times

If you’re looking for someplace warm to go during the winter, chances are you’re not the only one. This high demand can drive up airfare and hotel prices, but can also mean that companies offer better rates for bulk! With that in mind, you can save a bundle by scheduling your trip for the off season–spring and fall are usually best. Depending on the region that is considered off-seasons. For example, Mexico, if you schedule your trip for the summer rates may be lower. For Europe, schedule your flight some time between Thanksgiving and Easter when most tourists opt to stay home.

Consider Packing Carry-On Baggage Only

It’s no secret baggage fees generate plenty of revenue for budget airlines. It takes some discipline but travelling with carry on baggage only is a definite way to save lots of money travelling. Check out our tips on packing light and what necessities are needed in our other blog.

Find a Cheap Flight

If air travel is a must–perhaps you’re going somewhere across the pond–there are a few cost-effective options you should consider. There are a variety of search engines available online that allow you to compare airfare in an attempt to find the cheapest flight possible. If you’re willing to be patient and flexible with your travel plans, flying standby or giving up your seat on an overbooked flight is also a great way to save money. Most airlines offer you cash or a voucher for future travel if you opt to offer up your seat on an overbooked flight.

Book Flights With Layovers For Cheaper Flights

Search engines are getting better at providing lots of custom options for flights. Direct flights might be the most convenient, but are also the most expensive more often than not. Look for flights with layovers on and you may find yourself saving hundreds of dollars when they mix and match airlines for each route of travel!

Bring Your Own Snacks For The Airport/Airplane

Airports might have duty free, but restaurants, whether sit down or quick order are often expensive at airports. With water not being allowed through customs prior to security check point, bring a refillable bottle and fill up once you get through security. Food can be brought through (vegetables and fruits exempt in some countries) so be sure to pack a few snacks.

Pack Snacks For Your Days Adventure

During long days of sightseeing, snacks help fuel your energy as well as hold your appetite until dinner.

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