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10 Must Have Travel Gadgets

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Start planning your summer holiday with 10 of the best travel accessories for 2017, from super-sleek cabin bags to portable chargers for your travel gadgets.

Original Post By Rebecca Males

Tuesday June 6 2017, Skyscanner

17 must have travel gadgets for your summer holidays

10 must have travel gadgets for your summer holidays

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

So you’ve found a cheap holiday deal, and all that’s left to do is pack for your travels. If you’re wondering which gadgets to take with you, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a camera for those surf shots or a practical luggage organizer, this guide has all those fun summer essentials you’ll need.

Business travel gadgets

1. KNOMO Amesbury travel bag

Price: $380*

Best for: Frequent flyers

KNOMO’s range of luxurious but robust travel accessories for men look professional, while protecting your treasured tech from all sorts of impacts en route. Our pick: the Amesbury, which is a spectacularly tough 15” top zip laptop bag/briefcase made from full-grain leather, with a spacious main compartment and a 15.6″ shockproof rear-section. It comes in brown and black, weighs 1.31kg, and will protect your laptop from basically anything you can throw at it.

2. KNOMO boarding tote and clutch bag

Price: $430

Best for: Digital nomads

KNOMO also make practical travel accessories aimed at women. If you’re after a tech-oriented clutch bag, try the Elektronista. It doubles as a handbag and practical organiser, designed specifically to keep digital devices and cables manageable, and has an integrated battery that keeps you charged on the go. Looking for a new cabin bag? Check our reviews of the best hand luggage bags on the market.

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3. MACALLY battery pack

Price: $40

Best for: Out-of-office workers and freelancers on the go

This light, smart rechargeable battery pack comes with a Lightning/Micro USB cable for iPhone/smartphone and iPod/MP3 players, and with a 3000 mAh capacity, it’ll keep you topped up for the duration of most journeys. The cables are built into the body, meaning you won’t lose them and encounter any infuriating tangles in your hand luggage. The portable smart MBP30L is designed with a micro-controller to monitor the battery condition and over-current protection to protect you against damage to your mobile devices.

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4. PlusUs: LifeCard

Price: $70

Best for: Flashpackers

The most compact portable charger we know of, it’s as thin as a credit card, and it’ll fit comfortably into a wallet or purse, ideal for emergencies when you’ve drained your main battery pack (the standard LifeCard has a capacity of 1500 mAh). You also won’t find a better looking battery pack; the brushed stainless steel and laser welding give it a premium look and feel. It’s also available in brushed copper, mirror polish stainless steel and gold sheen.

5. Joby GorillaPod

Price: $40

Best for: Instagrammers

Camera equipment can be tricky and too heavy to carry around safely. Enter the Joby GorillaPod; it’s light, foldable, great value for money and well-designed. Its tentacle legs provide stability on rocky, uneven ground, and can even be wrapped around trees! This mini tripod is a solid solution for capturing all those incredible sunrises and sunsets on your travels, and works with most modern cameras – including DSLRs. Because it can be folded up, it makes an ideal gadget for travelling and is super easy to squirrel away in your backpack.

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6. Drone Cameras

Price: from $45 to $2,000

Best for: aspiring travel photographers and selfie experts

If you’re a keen Instagrammer, you’ll have probably seen some beautiful aerial shots from around the world. Join the club by investing in a mini drone for simple family selfies, or take a look at the Mavic Pro – DJI’s smallest consumer drone capable of 4k video. If you want to keep it light and travel-friendly, this mini drone costs less than £30, and you’ll be able to get some fun photos with it.

7. Polarizing Filters

Price: from $20

Best for: DSLR owners

Ever taken a photo and have it completely ruined by over exposure? Polarizing lenses offer a quick fix for it. They work in the same way as polarized sunglasses, only allowing in some lens flares, darkening skies and darkening the exposure. Our tip: Make sure you buy one that fits your lens if you’re buying for your DSLR.

8. GoPro Hero5

Price: from $599.99

Best for: adrenaline junkies

If you’re a keen rapids rider, mountain climber or diver, an underwater camera can turn your memories into amazing photos and video. If you buy the Hero5, you’ll be able to transfer your photos onto your phone wirelessly. Yep, that means they can go straight on Facebook.

9. Rashguard by Cynthia Rowley

Price: $100-$300

Best for: Surfer chicks

Cynthia Rowley has a stylish range of swim and surf wear, and as far as cool travel accessories go, this has got to be one of the funkiest ways of protecting your skin from the sun and the ravages of leaning your forearms for too long on your body-board. It’s made of Nylon/Spandex, with an SPF 50+, comes in a variety of colourful prints and doubles as a base layer for your wetsuit. Put it to practise on the swells of the Gold Coast, Australia.

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10. Samsonite digital luggage scales and torch

Price: $38 (excluding batteries)

Best for: People who really can’t travel light

Especially useful for longer trips, when you may have accumulated a few souvenirs along the way (or been hit by an impulsive shopping spree in New York). Samsonite’s digital luggage scale will track your added weight and stop you being hit by unexpected baggage fees. It’s a practical and well designed tool that comes with useful extras – the 80cm tape measure and a built-in torch. Maximum capacity: 40kg. Really can’t deal with packing light? Maybe it’s time you checked out this wearable luggage.

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