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A Q&A with Avid Traveler and Influential Travel Vlogger Lost Leblanc

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Influential Vlogger Lost LeBlanc shares his travel adviceWe sat down with the one and only Canadian travel vlogger Christian LeBlanc from Lost LeBlanc for a one on one Q&A to answer some of your most burning travel questions. Check out what he had to say and get ready for your next destination!

  1. What should every traveller invest in?
    A good backpack or suitcase is easily the best investment a traveller can make. Imagine being in the middle of morocco and your backpack rips while traversing through a desert. Or rushing to your flight at the airport and all of a sudden your suitcase zipper gives out! It’s always a good idea to make sure your luggage is good quality because if it fails you, it could be a huge headache!


  2. What are your packing tips/hacks?
    The way I pack totally depends on where I’m traveling to. If I’m going to a hot and affordable country, I underpack because you don’t need layers and you will end up buying clothing there for a fraction of the cost. When I travel to colder and more expensive countries, I pack with the intention of not needing to buy anything there. I also like to pack a cloth drawstring bag because they are great for carrying essential on a day trip because they easily fit inside your luggage and take up almost no room!


  3. How do you go about doing the research the destination that you will be visiting?
    Most of the time I just type the name of the location into Google and very quickly I start seeing what will be some of the main tourist destinations. I like to visit the popular attractions because often they are truly some of the best parts of that destination, however, my favourite part is discovering the lesser known spots. To do this, I often just show up in a destination and begin talking with other travelers and locals. Sometimes I even just rent a vehicle and start driving with no direction in mind. A lot of my best adventures have just come from a 50cc scooter and a good coat of UV 30 sunblock. Traveling with a flexible schedule often allows me to visit both the popular and the hidden gems.


  4. Best beach that you have visited?
    There are two things I look for in a beach. The first is the natural beauty. My favourite beaches have clear blue water, soft sand and sometimes even nearby mountains. The second thing I hope for is privacy! I love beaches where you feel like you are one of the few lucky people to witness it.The best beach I have visited to date is Nacpan beach in the Philippines. I truly have never seen such a beautiful undiscovered beach. When I visited Nacpan nearly 1 year ago, there was nobody else there aside from a few locals. I ended up renting the only bungalow on the entire beach that night and that night I watched what was easily the best sunset of my entire life.


  5. Favourite city that you have visited?
    I don’t have a favourite city because each city offers something different. I would say Paris is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Vancouver (my home) is one of the most liveable cities I have ever been to. But if I had to choose one to live in today while I’m young and looking to explore, I would choose Canggu, Bali. Canggu is a fun, young and laid back city. It is located right next to a couple decent beaches and it’s filled with travelers from around the world. There are many great coffee shops, fitness facilities and so much more. I’m planning to move there in January!

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Go Green: Eco-friendly Travel Destinations for 2018

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The next time you sit down to book a travel adventure online, take a moment to think about how green you’d like your trip to be. More and more people in North America and across the globe are taking their carbon-footprint into account when booking that all inclusive vacation.

From Canada to the islands of Micronesia, the whole world needs to be protected so future generations can have the experiences we’re privileged to have. Eco-friendly travelling is more than a fad; it’s a great way both to see the world and to protect it at the same time. Eco-tourism means visiting different parts of the world to learn about them, thinking about how we can travel using low carbon emission methods, supporting nations and companies that champion ecological issues, and understanding ourselves to be guests in someone else’s home when we travel.

two travelers sitting on a cliff overlooking lush forest

What are some eco-friendly destinations?

Luckily, there are a lot of destinations that are committed to ecological sustainability and making great strides to reduce our negative effects on the globe. Here are just a few of the top destinations in 2018 that are working for the environment:

  • Costa Rica has become one of the foremost champions of eco-friendly tourism in the past few years. Rather than rejecting tourists, Costa Rica has embraced them. From surfing destinations that won’t disturb local wildlife to tour guides who have been properly trained in ecologically sound methods of travelling through wildlife habitats, Costa Rica is committed to welcoming visitors in a way that’s beneficial for everyone.
  • Kenya has long been associated with safaris to many people in North America. While, in the past, many things about these safaris were ultimately harmful to the local wildlife and communities, safaris have been making an eco-tourist comeback lately. Kenya now has fifty-four national parks and reserves that help protect its wildlife and create ways to safely view them.
  • Palau is a beautiful island east of Indonesia, in the Philippine Sea. It’s known for some of the best diving in the world and, since it’s so small and comparatively unknown, isn’t as crowded as some other destinations. At the same time, the government and local community of Palau are committed to protecting the ocean from the effects of their tourism industries. 
  • For a more conventional destination, Copenhagen is a great eco-friendly choice within fully industrialized Europe. Although its economy isn’t devoted to tourism, the city is known for its green initiatives, so supporting their efforts with your tourism is a great choice. Fun Fact: Copenhagen is dedicated to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025!

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Winter in Greece: Top 3 Destinations!

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Photo Credit: Discover Greece

When one thinks of Greece, they imagine islands with small villages consisting of white stucco homes with bright blue rooftops, beautiful crystal-clear, white sandy beaches and an exotic climate anyone could fall in love with. Summer in Greece is obviously breathtaking but their winter is even more spectacular, and a season a frequent tourist of Greece should never miss!
Greece is famous for its mountainous landscape and a little dusting of snow makes for the picture-perfect view for locals or first-time visitors to Greece. Northern Greece is by the far the most adventurous and magical part of the country during the winter months and Beforeifly gives you a list of the top three must-see places!

1) Agios Athanasios Pellas

Photo Credit: Siantsis Guesthouse

Photo Credit: Discover Greece

Agios Athanasios is an old village located in the Pella Regional Unit of Macedonia, Greece and was built in the late 16th Century at an altitude of 1200 metres.

This fairytale-like village offers a traditional experience with a modern twist.  Visitors can expect to find local and original architecture, cobblestone roads, and sloping rooftops.

Agios Athanasios is also known to have ancient treasures, Macedonian tombs, and jewelry, buried throughout the town.

Whether you’re a ski enthusiast or foodie, Agios Athanasios caters to all personalities and tastes and has one of the most state-of-art ski resorts in all of Greece, called the Kaimaktsalan.

Hidden Gems: Wetland Agra-Vryton-Nisiou, the Archangel of Mt. Paiko, the little church of Profitis Ilias.

Where to Stay: Siantis Guesthouse

Where to Dine: The Hut Tavern, Tsegani, Tavern Katafigio.

2) Arachova

Photo Credit: Web Greece

Arachova, is also known as the “Queen of Winter” and offers visitors the ultimate winter escape.  It is a unique mountain village, which was built on the slope of the Paranassos Mountain, at an altitude of 950 metres.

It is considered one of the most glamorous winter destinations in Greece and a cosmopolitan for celebrity spotting, idyllic landscapes, lively nightlife, and boasts one of the best and biggest ski resorts in the country.

Photo Credit: Discover Greece

TV Presenter & Journalist, Marietta Chrousala, claims “Arachova means nightlife, winter sports, and good food!” No one should ever leave Arachova without trying their local specialties, such as the handmade pasta and Formaela cheese, which is made by producers in Central Greece, from traditional sheep’s milk.

Hidden Gems: National Trail 22, ‘Unknown’  Parnassos and its secrets, The Panagyraki Of Arahova.

Where to Stay: Hotel Paransassos, Nefeles, Elafivolia Arachova Suites.

Where to Dine: Taverna Christos, To Arhontiko, To Tsoukali.

3) Florina

Photo Credit: Greek City Times

Photo Credit: Hive Miner

Even the Mediterranean sun needs a break during the colder months to allow for the magic of winter to blanket the villages with its seasonal sparkle.

Florina is one of those lucky cities in Greece that has the chance to flaunt its natural beauty the most during winter. Located in Northwestern Macedonia, Florina is considered the “land of the lakes” with six prominent lakes surrounding its landscape.
Florina is truly a picture-perfect, stone-built city that even the most renowned director Theo Angelopoulos considers to be his favourite film-making spot.

Travelers to Florina can expect to enjoy amazing architecture, with houses reflecting elements from the 1930’s, ranging from neo-byzantine to art deco.

Hidden Gems: Archaeological Museum & River Sakoulévas

Where to Stay: Boutique Hotel Philippion & King Alexander Hotel

Where to Dine: Terpsi, Aposperiths, Kontosoros

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