Go Green: Eco-friendly Travel Destinations for 2018

The next time you sit down to book a travel adventure online, take a moment to think about how green you’d like your trip to be. More and more people in North America and across the globe are taking their carbon-footprint into account when booking that all inclusive vacation.

From Canada to the islands of Micronesia, the whole world needs to be protected so future generations can have the experiences we’re privileged to have. Eco-friendly travelling is more than a fad; it’s a great way both to see the world and to protect it at the same time. Eco-tourism means visiting different parts of the world to learn about them, thinking about how we can travel using low carbon emission methods, supporting nations and companies that champion ecological issues, and understanding ourselves to be guests in someone else’s home when we travel.

two travelers sitting on a cliff overlooking lush forest

What are some eco-friendly destinations?

Luckily, there are a lot of destinations that are committed to ecological sustainability and making great strides to reduce our negative effects on the globe. Here are just a few of the top destinations in 2018 that are working for the environment:

  • Costa Rica has become one of the foremost champions of eco-friendly tourism in the past few years. Rather than rejecting tourists, Costa Rica has embraced them. From surfing destinations that won’t disturb local wildlife to tour guides who have been properly trained in ecologically sound methods of travelling through wildlife habitats, Costa Rica is committed to welcoming visitors in a way that’s beneficial for everyone.
  • Kenya has long been associated with safaris to many people in North America. While, in the past, many things about these safaris were ultimately harmful to the local wildlife and communities, safaris have been making an eco-tourist comeback lately. Kenya now has fifty-four national parks and reserves that help protect its wildlife and create ways to safely view them.
  • Palau is a beautiful island east of Indonesia, in the Philippine Sea. It’s known for some of the best diving in the world and, since it’s so small and comparatively unknown, isn’t as crowded as some other destinations. At the same time, the government and local community of Palau are committed to protecting the ocean from the effects of their tourism industries. 
  • For a more conventional destination, Copenhagen is a great eco-friendly choice within fully industrialized Europe. Although its economy isn’t devoted to tourism, the city is known for its green initiatives, so supporting their efforts with your tourism is a great choice. Fun Fact: Copenhagen is dedicated to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025!

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