6 Bucket List Experiences to Inspire Your Next Adventure

By March 20, 2018Destinations

Everybody has things in life that they just need to see or do before they kick the bucket, so why not put together a bucket list? A bucket list is a series of things you want to accomplish within your lifetime. Making one can be almost daunting. With so much beauty all over the world, which activities could possibly be so spectacular that they could make the cut? Lists vary depending on who makes them. Some seek thrills and want to go skydiving, or climb a mountain. Others, however, seek adventure and want to visit unique places they’ve never seen before. These are all bucket list experiences, the once-in-a-lifetime activities most people can only dream of.

If you’re a traveller at heart, let the travel experts at Beforeifly recommend a few places that will inspire you and could certainly be a part of your list:

  1. Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
    wildlife safari adventure in TanzaniaIf you love to commune with nature and the animals that inhabit it, make a wildlife safari a part of your list. Tanzania is home to what is considered to be the greatest wildlife safari in the world: the northern circuit. The Serengeti River is host to a myriad of beautiful animals that will wow you to your very core. It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold. 
  2. An Antarctic Cruise
    Penguins in Antarctica If you yearn to see every corner of the globe before you die, it’s important not to leave anything out—even the seemingly out of reach. You can experience the massive icebergs and playful penguins of the planet’s most remote continent from the deck of a cruise ship, or if you want to get up close and personal, an inflatable zodiac boat that will get you to the frozen land and as close as possible to all the action. 
  3. Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef
    Queensland, Australia, scuba diving at the Great Barrier reef.For something a little more hands on and tropical, take a scuba trip and experience the warm and diverse waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been described as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 
  4. The Northern Lights in Norway
    The majestic Northern Lights in Norway. If pure and unadulterated beauty is your heart’s delight, take a trip to Norway between late September and late March to experience the overwhelming effect of Aurora Borealis—or the northern lights, as they’re commonly called. Norway is known to be one of the best places to view this natural phenomenon. 
  5. The Amazon Rainforest
    Primates in the Amazon RainforestTo truly experience nature in a way you just can’t compare to anything, take a guided tour through the Amazon rainforest in South America. The Amazon is full of incredible animal species from the scarlet macaw to sloths to jaguars. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget. 
  6. Climb the Great Wall of China
    The Great Wall of ChinaIf awe and grandeur are your thrill of choice, experience a piece of human history and walk along the Great Wall of China.

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